Armenia Natural Wonders

Armenia Natural Wonders (8 days / 7 nights)


Arrival in Yerevan, transfer to the hotel. City tour in the center of Yerevan, with a visit to the Cascade, the Opera House, the North Avenue and the Republic Square with the singing fountains.


Transfer to the resort Tsaghkadzor. Accommodation at the hotel. Visiting the monastery complex Kecharis (13th century AD). Walking uphill climb to the second Tsahkunyats cable car station (2246m, rise time - 1.5 hours, the descent - 40 minutes). Lunch in a local restaurant with a view of the Lake Sevan. Visit to the main Olympic base. Dinner. Overnight at hotel.


Check-in recreation club in Gomer Ijevan. Placed in the stone houses. Introduction to the Club, Lunch. Afternoon walk to the old oil mill, located on the slope above the river Hachahpyur. On the way back you will visit the residents of summer pasture for the evening milking Taliner cows.


The route length 3600m Journey time 3 hours. The route passes at altitudes of 1380m - 1146m. Ideal for acclimatization. Can be organized on horseback, on foot or combined. Route begins on the basis of equestrian complex Apaga - Gomer (1380m). Throughout the route forest alternates with meadows. In the first half of the way down with extended areas of shallow climbs. The purpose of the route Kanacher - cave with a perfectly pure spring.

After the cave (1146m) climb up to 1260m lasts for 20 minutes, then a small descent to 234m and a further one of the most remarkable sections of the route - a gentle rise in walnut grove. Along the route crosses a small creek (swimmers can cool off in the stone baptismal font Garsevani Gel). Return to the starting point - Gomer.


The route length of 1000m Journey time 1 hour. The route passes at altitudes of 1380m - 1238m. Route on foot. The entire journey takes place in rarefied woods. The purpose of the route Changchui Khar, presumably build for defensive purpose, adjacent to the inaccessible cliffs. In the first half of the participants walking path hike downhill through the woods waiting for 20 minutes prior to the 1238m, then a small rise of land along the path which runs alongside the cliffs to Changchui Khar to 1241m.


Running route 5500 m, Vertical drop of 400m Journey time approximately 4 hours Hiking, horseback On this route due to a belief that if you start to break off a small pebble path from flat plates and bring it to the spring, after putting on a footpath at the end of the path - a loved one at this point necessarily think about you. And on this path can make a wish at the "Tree of Love" - and it just turns! Route begins at the west gate of the club "Apaga-Gomer".

The path goes through the woods past the sparse thickets of blackberry and rosehip, strawberry fields and mint bushes. Continuing the rise of 450m and leads to a meadow strewn, with flowers from early spring to late autumn. Glade is a bright green, red, yellow, purple, white, and with its wonderful view of the river gorge Hachahpyur. An ideal place for recreation, air and sun baths, meditation. Continuing on through the woods leads to the "Tree of Love" - crossed to the trunks, which must be applied both hands and make a wish, which is exactly true.

Then rise to become steeper and after 500m we reach the ledge stone VansiKap array, which passes along the Path of the Hermit, but here we cross VansiKap at 80m above. On the cornice are seen petrified dragon and frozen in a tree shape guys and girls. They can tell you the story of the conductors. This is a third way. Here you can have a rest or a spot near the window sill (if not too hot) or descend into the grotto, which locals call MamhutiEyr. The last part of the way - the rise of sparse forest - it is comfortable in any weather, to the spring on the border of the Alpine meadows of about 2000m.

It is necessary to lay a path in the stone brought from the bottom. Loved one will remember you at that moment! After the spring we go to the alpine meadows, rising to a height of 1780m to pasture PstiSar. Here meeting with shepherds and camp snack. Go back through PuchurSar - small groves and meadows 2 500m. Convenient footpath climbs there.


Return to Yerevan. Accommodation at the hotel. Leisure time. In the evening farewell dinner in national restaurant.


Transfer to the airport.