Syunik, Armenia

Devil's Bridge

The Devil's bridge is probably the most amazing of all Armenian nature's miracles. This natural bridge is located in the gorge of Vorotan River in the depth of around 700-800 meters. Devil's bridge is approximately 30 meters long and 50-60 meters wide. Formed from travertine and limestone the bridge has absolutely natural origin. It is surrounded by mountainous springs and the mineral water has painted the rocks of the gorge in yellow, pink and green colors making it look almost miraculous. There are also a few very beautiful stalactites hanging at the edges of Devil's bridge, all of them made by mineral water springs.


Goris is the second largest city in Syunik province of Armenia. The population is around 23.000 people. Goris has a very old history because as we know the first mentions of the city date back to the times of Urartian King Rusa I (8th century B.C.). Because of its strategic location in the valley of the Vararak River the city has always played a very important role in the history of Armenia. Apart from its political significance, Goris is known for its beautiful nature. As for the surroundings of the city, we recommend you to visit Stone-pyramids of Old Kores, Surb Hripsime church and Khndzoresk Cave complex.

Khndzoresk Cave Village

Old Khndzoresk is a village in the southeast of Armenia, in Syunik province. The village got its name from a Khor Dzor, a gorge where it is located. The slopes of the gorge had no areas suitable for house construction, so people used the caves of Khor Dzor as their dwellings. Scientists say that those dwellings and the cave village of Old Khndzoresk are more than 1000 years old. There were also four churches in the village – Surb Hripsime Church, Surb Tadevos Church, Church of Anapat and the Old Church. In the old graveyard of Khndzoresk was buried the hero of Armenia Mkhitar Sparapet. Nowadays Old Khdzoresk is a historical monument under the government's protection.

Shaki Waterfall

With its height of 18 meters, Shaki waterfall is the highest waterfall in Armenia. This incredible natural phenomenon is located in Syunik province, in the gorge of river Vorotan. According to the legend the origin of waterfall's name comes from unfortunate story of a girl named Shaki. Her beauty caught foreign conqueror's eye and he commended her to come to him. In order not to become a victim of violence Shaki jumped from a high rock. When she was falling down her white dressed opened and turned into a waterfall.


Sisian (formerly known as Sisakan, Sissian and Sisavan) is a town located in the Syunik province of Armenia. Sisian lies on the shores of the river Vorotan, its approximate population is around 17.000 people. Historically this town was part of Tseghuk canton of the ancient Greater Armenia. Sisian and its surroundings are famous for the magnificent nature and fascinating monuments. We recommended you to visit Shaki Waterfall, Zorats Karer and Surb Hovhannes monastery.

Tatev Monastery

Tatev is a 9th century Armenian monastery located in Syunik province of Armenia, in the southeast of the country. The monastery complex stands at the edge of the deep gorge of the river Vorotan. Development of the Tatev Monastery began in the 9th century, when it became the official seat of Syunik's bishop. Later, in 14-15th centuries the monastery housed the University of Tatev, which was probably the most important Armenian medieval university. Tatev monastery suffered many invasions from Mongols and Seljuk Turks. Besides, it was seriously damaged by the earthquake in 1931. The reconstruction of Tatev monastery began in 2010 with a program known as "Tatev revival project". World's longest ropeway called "Wings of Tatev" was built to connect Halidzor village and the monastery. Today, Tatev monastery is one the moest popular turist destinations in Armenia. It is included in UNESCO world Heritage Site.

Tatev Ropeway

Tatev ropeway is the world's longest passenger cableway. It is 5,752 m and is located in Armenia and connecting through Vorotan Gorge with one intermediate station and village of Halidzor Tatev. The aerial tramway is supported by three towers between its two terminals. One terminal is on a hill overlooking the village of Halidzor and the other is near Tatev Monastery, on the road to Tatev village. Maximum height above the gorge is 360 m. 25 accommodating passenger cabin moves at a maximum speed 37 km / h, goes from point of origin to point of destination for 11 minutes. On 23 October 2010 it was officially recorded by Guinness World Records as the world's longest non-stop double track cable car.

Zorats Karer

Zorats Karer is also known as Karahunj or Carahunge. This fascinating prehistoric archaeological site is located near the town of Sisian in the Syunik province. So-called "Armenian Stonehenge" is believed to be World's oldest astronomical observatory. Though, according to another theory, Zorats Karer is an ancient necropolis dating from the Middle Bronze Age to the Iron Age. Total area of the site is around 7 hectares with 222 registered standing stones on it.