Tavush, Armenia


Dilijan is one of the most important resort-towns in Armenia. It is located in Tavush province of the country, situated in Dilijan National Park. According to famous Armenian linguist Hrachia Adjarian town's name has originated from ancient Persian word tilijan meaning "heart of the soul". Though the town is very beautiful itself (we recommend you to check the historic Sharambeyan street), the surroundings of Dilijan are full of fascinating monuments. When in Dilijan, you can also visit ancient Haghartsin and Goshavank monasteries, Matosavank monastery and Lake Parz.


Goshavank monastery was founded around 12th-13th centuries at the same place where once much older monastery known as Nor Getik used to stand. A harsh earthquake ruined Nor Getik in 1118. Soon after that a group of Armenian monks decided to restore the monastery and bring it to the new glory. Among them was also a scientist, writer, priest and very well known public figure Mkhitar Gosh, the author of the Datasatangirk, which was first ever Armenian low codex. Goshavank complex includes numerous buildings like Surb Astvatsatsin Church, Surb Gregory Church, Surb Grigor Lusavorich Church, the gavit of Surb Astvatsatsin Church, bell tower and book depository, Surb Hripsime Chapel and some finest examples of khachkars ("cross-stones" in Armenian).


Haghartsin is a 13th century monastery complex located in the Tavush province of Armenia. This breathtaking beauty was built near the town of Dilijan between 10th and 14th centuries and much of it under the patronage of the famous Armenian royal dynasty Bagratuni. The complex consists of Surb Astvatsatsin Church and gavit, Surb Grigor Church and gavit, Surb Stepanos Church, Bagratuni sepulcher and refectory.

Lake Parz

Lake Parz (meaning "Clear Lake" in Armenian) is a very beautiful small lake hidden in the thick forest of Dilijan National Park. The lake covers an area of 2 hectares and is 5 meters deep; it was formed by climatic changes. Calm and quiet the banks of Lake Parz are ideal for picnics and forest hikes. There is also a cozy restaurant near the lake, where you can enjoy best meals of Armenian kitchen.

Caves of Lastiver

Caves of Lastiver are located in the valley of the river Khachakhpyur in Tavush region, which is in the Northeast of Armenia, is covered with forests, green zones and is rich in rivers. The picturesque hillside gorge Khachakhpyur is one of the regions of formation of cave architecture. Located in a dense forest complex of Small Anapat - a rare synthesis of natural and man-made niches, settles for thousands of years, until the period of maturity of the Middle Ages. Since the times of the Mesolithic niche in the grotto is cut through arched here - a crucial step in the human way to the top of architecture. The very cave complex consists of two major sites located within 250 meters of each other. The first one known as small Anapat represents a cut through the rock two-story building of 13th century.