Marine and Wildlife, Bahrain

Al-Dar Island

Al-Dar Island is the nearest island getaway to Bahrain. It offers beautiful beaches and a variety of facilities, such as palm leaf huts, tents, or chalets, and a restaurant offering delicious dishes and refreshing drinks. Visitors to the island can also enjoy pearl dives and cruises to the stunning Jarada Island which affords one the opportunity to see up to 30 different types of coral, more than 200 species of fish, and the chance to watch the always delightful dolphins.

Al-Areen Wildlife Reserve

Al-Areen Wildlife Reserve houses rare and endangered species in a 16 sq. km area. Persian gazelle, Impala and Arabian Oryx (nearly extinct in the wild) are among the featured enclosures in this small wildlife reserve that cares for over 500 different species. For agricultural lovers the park offers over a 10,000 different species of plants and trees to enjoy.

Hawar Islands

Located 20kms south of Bahrain, the Hawar Islands are a renowned wildlife reserve of international significance. The islands are home to pristine beaches, indigenous fauna and flora, and migratory birds. A trip to Bahrain would not be complete without a visit to Hawar.

Ain Umm Al-Sujur Site

Ain Umm Al-Sujur is the largest fresh water spring in Bahrain. The archeological findings near the well and its chamber dates the site to the 2nd millennium BC. It is not accessible to the public in order to protect the site.