Canada Travel Guide

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the World made up of 10 distinct provinces and 3 unique territories. It is a modern nation of truly remarkable ethnic and cultural diversity. Originally inhabited by various First Nation tribes and then colonized by the French and British, Canada today is a cultural medley of people who emanated from all around the World.

Few countries can compare with the natural splendor, geographical diversity and wildlife of Canada. Bordered by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans, Canada’s ever-changing topography ranges from the sky-high mountains to massive boreal forests, endless prairies, desert and rainforest regions, as well as the vibrant, multicultural cities where most of the population lives.

The mighty Rocky Mountains and powerful pacific tides meet with vibrant communities in British Columbia, while urban flair mixes with cowboy culture in Alberta. Rural living comes alive under endless skies in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, while Ontario offers a diverse mix of big-city sophistication and relaxed country living. The sights and sounds of historic Québec are not to be missed and the friendly fishing villages of Atlantic Canada are well worth the visit. Northern Canada offers visitors a chance to take in some of the only truly untamed landscapes in the World.

Best time to visit Canada

Climate in Canada varies wildly based on geography, from permafrost in the north to four distinct seasons towards the equator. The temperature can climb up to 35°C (95°F) in the summer and descend to a chilly -25°C (-13°F) during winter. The major Canadian city that falls outside the continental climate schema is Vancouver, which experiences an oceanic climate with a marked summer dry season.

Of the 8 largest Canadian cities, Ottawa, Montréal and Toronto have the warmest summers, Winnipeg the coldest winters, while Vancouver's winters are far milder than any other large city in Canada. Central Canada and northern Canada experiences subarctic and Arctic climates, much of them arid. Those areas are not heavily populated due to the severe climate, where it drops below -20°C (-4°F) on most winter days and has a very brief summer season.

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