The Gold Souq, Kuwait

Middle East is extremely famous for purchasing gold jewellery and particularly Kuwait is known for really good gold ornaments - but visitors have to haggle for it. Whether or not you are ready to buy, a stroll through the glittering gold souqs is necessary. The stores also offer platinum, diamonds and occasionally silver.

They say that Middle East gold is pure and free from adulteration as the governments keep tight control over the quality of all the merchandise. The gold is not cheap here, Gold is the same price all over the World and you should check out how much it is per gram the day you go shopping.

No merchant will give you gold at less than market value, but the difference is the making charge. It depends on your negotiating skills how much you will be paying for the "making charge" of the gold ornaments that you will buy. And this stands true to any part of the World... India, Dubai, Kuwait etc.