The Liberation Tower, Kuwait

Standing 372 meters in the middle of Kuwait City, it is the symbol of Kuwaiti liberation, the representation of country's recovery, second tallest tower in Kuwait after Al-Hamra Tours, and the fifth tallest telecommunication tower in the World. Officially unveiled by the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah on 10th of March, 1996.

The structure is made using ceramic tiles on the façade from base to first mezzanine level. Three natural light shades render a geometric design from the base. The tower, including the telecommunications complex, is divided into three working areas - a public communications center; revolving observatory level, and a restaurant at 150 meters; and the adjacent plant and equipment structure.

There are a total of 18 elevators, and are amongst the fastest in the World. As for the revolving mezzanine, there are six office floors spanning 12,0002 meters above the revolving observatory level, that rise up and out within a section covered in anodized aluminum, so as to withstand the extreme temperatures.

The tower includes a revolving restaurant and an observation platform, apart from radio and telecommunications offices.

Given the historical and monumental significance of this tower, visitors usually do not miss the opportunity to visit this destination during their travel to Kuwait.