The Sadu House, Kuwait

Several museums in Kuwait showcase the country's history, its art, artifacts, and archeological findings. However, there is one exceptional museum that stands out for its depiction of the exquisiteness and custom encompassed in Bedouin crafts, namely Sadu weaving. The Sadu House is a beautiful, traditional Kuwaiti styled house where visitors can discover the Bedouin art of weaving, its styles and history.

Located right next to the National Museum of Kuwait on the Gulf Road, Bait Al-Sadu (Sadu House) was formerly an old Kuwaiti house that's been converted into a cultural center.

The Bedouin used the term "Al-Sadu" to refer the traditional weaving process. Visitors can walk around the exhibition rooms and learn about the history of weaving and see traditional looms, the delicate metal work and embroidery which were used to embellish outfits.

The gift store also exhibits traditional weavings by local artists. There are bags, rugs, wall hangings, wallets, and home furnishing items to buy and the proceeds all go to the local artisans and weavers.