Lebanon Travel Guide

A trip through Lebanon is a journey through the annals of some of the World's greatest civilizations. With over 5,000 years of recorded history, the country is a treasure trove of archaeological wonders, waiting to be discovered by visitors who want a glimpse into the ancient and modern past. Most of Lebanon's historical sites have layers upon layers of ruins, with each layer uncovering the story of another civilization that inhabited this ancient land.

Lebanon is famous for its exquisite beauty, diversity, glamor, European flavor, and hospitable people. Its rich culture and history have placed it on the "must see" list of every world traveler. Lebanese cities are among the most famous names in ancient history and majestic ruins still stand today as a testimony to the greatness of people who lived in this land.

The nature of Lebanon makes it the only country in the Arab world that embraces four seasons yearly. No matter what the season, there is always something special to enjoy. In the winter season, ski resorts offer tourists slopes that are comparable to even the best resorts in Europe. In the summer, international festivals all over the country - in Baalbek, Byblos, Beiteddine, Batroun, and Jounieh - bring together Lebanese and foreign artists to perform in stunning archaeological and historical sites. These events have given Lebanon an enviable place on the cultural map of the Middle East.

The cosmopolitan flair of modern-day Beirut, the gastronomic renown of the country's food and wine, and an educated and outward-looking population complement a country that is both traditional and progressive in outlook.

For all the flavors of its storied past and rugged natural beauty, Lebanon is a well-kept tourist secret that begs exploration.

Visitors to Lebanon enjoy outstanding service in world-class hotels and resorts, restaurants, casinos, theaters, cinemas, and nightclubs and luxury shopping centers along with advanced communication and transportation services. Lebanon also offers access to cutting-edge medical centers.

Best time to visit Lebanon

Spring (April-May) is one of the most pleasant times to visit Lebanon. The near perfect weather, 0-15°C (32-60°F) in the mountains and 15-25°C (58-72°F) along the coast, makes it a great time to discover the area. It a fantastic time for outdoor activities. Autumn (October-November) brings cool, crisp weather that is perfect for taking in Lebanon's rich historical treasures. Leisurely explore the country's numerous archaeological sites and historic monuments. Summer (June-September) in Lebanon is made for sun worshipping, beaches, mountain escapes, and cultural festivals. The atmosphere here is a mixture of trendy 'see and be seen' and utter relaxation. Winter (December-March) presents visitors with a host of contrasts. Along the coast there are warm days and cool evenings, with temperatures ranging from 10-20°C (50-67°F).