The Pearl-Qatar

When you imagine the Middle East's most glamorous address, you imagine The Pearl-Qatar which is designed and engineered to be an everlasting icon in Qatar. It is a popular visitor attraction by virtue of its chic elegance, inviting its description as the "Arabian Riviera". The Pearl-Qatar is a World class destination for tourism, shopping, and luxury lifestyle to a multitude of refined tastes.

It is a multi-billion US Dollar man-made island spanning over four million square meters of reclaimed land off the coast of Doha's West Bay, creating 32 kilometers of new coastline. Both the Island's name and location, a former historical pearl diving site, reflect the country's strong cultural ties to the sea. The name pays homage to "pearl diving", the previous mainstay of the economy. Although this activity is no longer a key economic driver, it has left a legacy of skills, stories, music, art and poetry that is a source of identity and pride for Qataris today.

A one-of-a-kind mixed-use urban development, 50,000 international and local residents will call The Pearl-Qatar their home. Once completed, the Island will boast approximately 19,000 dwellings built within 10 distinctly themed precincts, all featuring 5-star quality and service. The Island houses beachfront villas, elegant townhouses, luxury apartments and exclusive penthouses. A lavish and exclusive retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the thriving city of Doha, The Pearl-Qatar is strategically located close to the capital's Central Business District and is only a 20-minute ride away from Hamad International Airport.

The master developer of The Pearl-Qatar is the United Development Company (UDC) - a leading Qatari shareholding company, with a mission to identify and invest in long-term projects that contribute to the growth of The State of Qatar and provide good shareholder value.

Porto Arabia

The cosmopolitan heart of The Pearl-Qatar, Porto Arabia is the Island's first and largest precinct, a dynamic shopping, dining and residential district which is home to beautiful apartments, luxurious penthouses and elegant townhomes, chic boutiques and world class food and beverage outlets along a 3.6 kilometer waterfront promenade akin to those found in Southern France.

Medina Centrale

The town center of The Pearl Qatar, Medina Centrale is comprised of an impressive town square surrounded by nostalgically Roman-style low-rise buildings, terraces, gardens, offering a full range of retail and community services that cater to the entire Island.

Qanat Quartier

A little Venice in Qatar, Qanat Quartier is a waterside village home to delightful pastel-colored low-rise buildings, surrounded by winding canals, elegant walkways, stylish bridges and quaint squares and piazzas, evoking the romantic atmosphere and spirit of Venice and Amsterdam.