Incentive Restaurants

The Radisson Royal Yacht (Moscow)

Royal Radisson Yacht is a specially designed UNIQUE double-deck ship - a real icebreaker that goes down the Moskva River all year long no matter what is the weather and the conditions of the water braking its way during the winter through the thick ice that covers river Moskva. You can enjoy the trip as a simple traveler or have a magnificent lunch or dinner on board the ship. The Yacht goes down from embankment near the White House (The seat of the Russian Government) and all through the center of Moscow offering a beautiful view over the Kremlin, the main Russian Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and other beauty of Moscow. Come here to enjoy wonderful food and gorgeous view. Best time ever.

Restaurant Goodman (Moscow)

The GOODMAN is a chain of classical Steak Houses. Located throughout Moscow center, these restaurants are all about offering the most succulent and tender meats anywhere - be it a rib-eye, filet mignon or some other delicious variety. At GOODMAN, they know all about their steaks. Their specially imported Australian meat is up to the standards of a 24 stage quality control. And to make sure you get the best flavour from your dishes, the GOODMAN chefs check the temperature of the cooked meat individually to make sure that the steak is cooked exactly the way you ordered it. A large variety of wines representing all the wine-producing regions of the world are available.

GOODMAN Teatralnaya was opened in November 2013 in the building of the former Moskva Hotel, which also houses the new Four Seasons hotel. This restaurant has a landmark location steps from the Red Square, the Kremlin and the Tverskaya Street. The main peculiarity of GOODMAN Teatralnaya is the concept reflecting the style and architecture of the old Moscow. Traditional jazz evenings on Friday and Saturday deepen this feeling. A separate trendy GOODMAN bar offers a big choice of cocktails and beverages. All the halls have modern audio and video equipment. So, the restaurant can also hold meetings and presentations.

Restaurant YAR (Moscow)

This historical restaurant located in the hotel Sovietsky, well known in the Soviet time, was founded in 1826 and rebuilt in 1910. It maintains the atmosphere of the beginning of the 20th century and is famous for delicious Russian-European cuisine. Alexander Pushkin, Lev Tolstoy, Fyodor Chalyapin, Mireille Mathieu, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Arnold Schwarzenegger made the Yar their favorite restaurant.

Interior: Glamour and aristocracy of "Moscow - Golden Domes..."
Animation: variety show and violin ensemble
Cuisine: modern and old Russian, European

Restaurant GlavPivTorg (Moscow)

The GlavPivTorg Restaurant is a former canteen of KGB agents housed in the building of the ex-Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The restaurant certainly reflects the atmosphere of 1960-1980s: high "ministry" ceilings, red-and-green carpets, heavy vinous curtains hung on the huge windows, desks under green abat-jours and diplomas hanging on the walls.

Animation: Live retro music in the evenings
Cuisine: European and Russian. The restaurant has a private brewery

Café Pushkin (Moscow)

It is a reminder of Russia's past culinary glories and also of its current glamour: a rigorous copy of a 19th-century mansion built ten years ago, waiters with sophisticated manners and traditional Russian cuisine. This café serves Russian dishes prepared to ancient recipes and classical French cuisine.

Sklad #5 at the Emporium (St. Petersburg)

The restaurant 'Sklad #5' is located in the cellar of the Eliseyev Emporium, a famous food hall constructed in 1902-1903 for the Elisseeff Brothers. The name, which translates as 'Storehouse #5', was not chosen by chance. In the last century at this place there were storehouses of oil and balsamic and the best in Europe for those times wine cellar. The interiors are made in style of the beginning of 20th century. In combination with light semidarkness they perfectly reconstruct the atmosphere of the epoch. The accent is made on open kitchen and wine.

Sadko Artistic Restaurant (St. Petersburg)

This unique and original restaurant is rich in Russian charm and warmth of Slavic soul. It has magnificent typical Russian decorations with Tsar's room ceiling, red colors and surely 'samovars' decorating the bar. The restaurant offers a wide choice of Russian culinary experiences. Here you may try the local champagne and Russian vodka, chef will propose you his Russian menu with Mediterranean savors. A la carte you may try all classic Russian dishes, i.e. zakouskis, borsch, beef-Stroganoff, trout, salmon and the varieties of caviar.

Russian Empire Restaurant (St. Petersburg)

'Russian Empire' is the restaurant-museum of counts Stroganoffs. The attention to detail is breathtaking: 24 Carat Gold Cutlery, Gianni Versace Porcelain and Glasses in pure symphony Bohemian Crystal with fine design in 24 carat real Gold, inside one of the monuments of the World of rare authenticity in the Stroganof Baroque Cappella. It serves Russian cuisine as many dishes were created according to the tsar's menu recipes: gold and white caviar, Cigal Lobster, imperial oysters and the Count's beef Stroganoff. The wine cellar boasts one of the finest wine collections in Europe.