Dir'iyah, Saudi Arabia

The capital city of the first Saudi state and the Kingdom's reflection mirroring power and pride, Dir'iyah is the city of resilience from which the modern Saudi state has emerged. This site which lies 25km northwest of Riyadh was settled in 1446 by Maani Al-Muraidi an ancestor of the Saudi royal family, Al Sauds. Dir'iyah reached its peak in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, during the first Saudi empire. The city fell to the Ottomans after a 6-month siege in 1818. After Dir'iyah was razed, the Al Sauds moved to Riyadh.

Dir'iyah is distinguished for having diverse tourism components, such as the Al-Turaif District (governance headquarters and residence). It is a World Heritage Site since 2010, and houses a number of spectacular buildings showcasing the ability of local engineers.

Among the major landmarks of Dir'iyah are Salwa Palace, where affairs of the state were operated, Bait Al-Mal, and Turaif Wall which is a large exterior wall with huge watchtowers. As well as huge high-rise mud buildings rarely seen in the rest of the region, also, the Samha Tower, Mughaisbi Towers, Shdeed Allouh Tower, Qulaiqil Wall, Rafi'ah Fort, Qumairiyah Towers, Prince Saad bin Saud Palace, Hasaniyah Tower, Omran Villages, Samhan, Dhuhairah Mosque, Fatiqah Tower, Faisal Tower and Turaif. Other examples are the hospitality palace, steam bath, and other facilities reflecting the early advancement of Dir'iyah.

Al-Bujairi District

Discover the fragrance of the past that has commingled with the spirit and originality of the present in Al-Bujairi district. The district has a unique architectural style inspired by the surrounding nature and the vast palm plantations on the banks of the Wadi Hanifa (Hanifa Valley) overlooking the historic Al-Turaif District, which has been inscribed in the UNESCO's World Heritage List.

It is worth mentioning that the cultural and built values of this district has made it eligible to become one of the top heritage towns in the World. You can spend most enjoyable and interesting times in the company of your family and friends in Al-Bujairi district. It has been provided with high-end services that meet all your needs, including restaurants, cafes, outlets for handicrafts, and souvenir shops.